How to place an order?

You may place an order with us via e-mail to or fax it either to the respective fax number for your country or to our general fax number: +32 16 50 90 45.

An official order form is not required, a simple e-mail message will suffice.

To place an order, please provide the following details:

Mandatory details:

-Delivery address

-Billing address

-Catalogue number, description and size of the item(s) you wish to purchase

-Quantity/number of units and a price or a price reference for the item(s).

Optional details:

-VAT number of your organization (see the “Invoicing” section below for more details)

-A number or other reference for your order that you wish to be mentioned on the invoice, delivery note, etc.

Delivery time after an order is confirmed

Our delivery time is usually 1-2 weeks for products that are not custom made, made-to-order or on backorder. This, however, is merely an indicative lead time as unexpected delays due to production, transportation, import, etc. issues may occur.

For custom made products or products that are produced/assembled when ordered, the lead time may vary in broad ranges, depending on the specifics of the products.

Some indicative lead times for products that are custom made or produced/assembled when ordered:

-Custom made and made-to-order recombinant proteins: 4-8 weeks

-Custom production of polyclonal antibodies: 12-14 weeks

-Custom production of monoclonal antibodies: 15-17 weeks

-Made-to-order recombinant antibodies: 6-8 weeks

-ELISA kits that are assembled when ordered: 2-4 weeks

Generally, our products are shipped with TNT for European countries and with FedEx for overseas deliveries. When needed, we utilize the services of other logistics companies such as UPS, Schenker and others.

We usually ship goods using our own accounts with the logistics companies. If you wish to use your own account for shipping, please, mention so in the purchase order and provide your account number and the name of the logistics company with which it is.

Gentaur reserves the right to refuse liability in case of unexpected delays and/or delays resulting from circumstances that are outside of our power to influence.

Payment methods and terms

Payments may be made via:

-Bank transfer

-Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)

-Debit cards


-PayPal (so far for a limited list of countries)

For payments via credit card you may call us at the respective phone number for your country or at our general phone number: +32 16 58 90 45. Please, provide the number of your order, the number of our quotation or other reference for the payment. Do not send your credit card details via e-mail.

The general payment terms are 30 days net after the invoice is issued. However, Gentaur reserves the right to require a partial or full prepayment for orders when deemed necessary.

For some custom services and made-to-order products, a non-refundable fee may be required in advance.

All products remain a property of Gentaur until the invoice is paid in full.


Gentaur has locally registered offices with local VAT number is the following countries in Europe: Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and United Kingdom. If your billing address is in one of these countries, then the respective local Gentaur company will issue the invoice.

If you are from a country in which Gentaur does not have a local office, the invoice will be issued from Gentaur Belgium. In this case we need your VAT number to issue an invoice without adding VAT, which will then be charged locally in your country. If you do not have a VAT number or do not wish to use it, the invoice will be issued with the Belgian VAT rate (21%).

If you are from an organization which is VAT-free or has a reduced VAT rate, please, enclose a copy of your VAT exemption certificate with each order.

For US customers

Customers from USA can place orders through our website at the same prices converted into USD (a currency readily available in our menu). The goods for US customers will be delivered and invoiced locally via our subsidiary company Genprice Inc., located in San Jose, California.


The prices on the website are without VAT and do not include shipping and/or handling fees.

Orders for product that are transported on dry ice are charged an additional fee of 25.00 EUR

Prices are a subject to change at any time and without prior notice.

While every effort is made to keep the prices on our website up to date, in some instances some prices on the website may be outdated. In such cases Gentaur shall be under no obligation to process orders placed with outdated price. Orders for items with outdated prices shall not be processed at their new prices without the explicit consent of the buyer.

Our prices are the same for all countries, only the shipping fees and VAT or other local taxes may vary.

Receipt and Performance of products

Upon receiving the package, please inspect the products for transportation damage, loss of ice, leakages, breaks, etc. It is a responsibility of the customer to report immediately any of the above listed issues. Our specialists will determine if the product is useable or if it should be replaced.

For reporting performance issues, please send us the catalog number, the name and the Lot number of the product along with your results. Our technical support team will work with you to resolve the problem.

Gentaur shall not be held liable for performance issues with products that were used beyond their expiration dates.

Gentaur is under no obligation to replace goods that were damaged as a result of improper storage or handling after they were received by the customer.

Money back guarantee & Store credit

Gentaur guarantees either a full refund or a store credit for products that arrive to you damaged beyond a useable state, as long as the issue is reported immediately and accompanied with proof.

Gentaur’s guarantee for a full refund or a store credit is applied also for issues with the performance of the products. The guarantee is not applicable in the following cases: improper storage or mishandling of the product, use of the product for applications outside of the tested ones, not following strictly the instructions for use, operation with the product by unqualified personnel, reporting of the performance issue after the expiration date of the product.

Whether a refund or a store credit will be provided depends on the specific item and situation and is decided on a case-to-case basis.

Cancellation of orders and returns

Orders cannot be cancelled later than 48 hours after they are placed and/or after they are shipped.

Products that are not wrongfully delivered, not damaged beyond a useable state or do not have issues with their performance cannot be returned.

Discounts and Samples

In most cases ordering 2 or more items from the same producer can be granted various discounts, depending on the respective quantity. Bulk orders are granted discounts regardless of whether the items are supplied by the same or different producers. Send us your inquiry at to obtain your personal discounted quotation.

Free samples are generally not offered but trial discounts in exchange for results and validation are almost always possible. Contact us and present your intended application to get a trial discount.

Looking for products which you don’t find on the website?

If you need a product that for some reason you do not find on our website, or even if you do not have a particular product in mind, do not hesitate to send us your questions at Our experienced specialists will find and send you a list of products suitable to your needs.

Patents and other intellectual property

Gentaur has utmost respect for any and all patents and intellectual property. We upload our product lists as they are provided to us by our suppliers and we are not able to check each individual product for patent or other intellectual property conflict. If you notice any product or other piece of information that violates a patent, trademark or any other intellectual property that you own, please inform us immediately and we will take the necessary actions.

Limitations of use

All our products are intended for research laboratory use only and should not be used for diagnostics, for therapeutics, treatment or consumption by of humans or animals or for other such in vivo uses.

Our products should be operated with in accordance with the provided instruction manuals and by qualified personnel.

Gentaur and its subsidiaries shall not be held liable for issues caused by misuse of our products.