24 thoughts on “Skyrim – All Unique Clothing Pieces & Sets

  1. Vaermina’s Quest is so buggy and is still Unfixed, every single time I go
    to open my inventory to use a Heal potion or anything related to the
    inventory the game freaks out and freezes

  2. There is also a set of clothing, the same as ulfric however a different
    color. If your pickpocket skill is high enough, go to solitude and go to
    the castle where the yarl lives, there will be a woman there gloating about
    the fact she’s thane and your not Pickpocket her and you should be able to
    take her clothing as it is a semi rare clothing set 😀 

  3. There is more types of robes such as the hooded green robes which you can
    get from your children as a gift

  4. HOW!!!??How many hours did it take to collect Everything in your UNIQUE
    vids?….dude you rock!!..thank you…

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