Have anyone heard about Video Marketing Tactic? I heard the guy teach very good video marketing tactic.

Answer: Video marketing is basically when you create informational or entertaining videos and submit them to popular sites like YouTube, Metacafe, etc. You include your website’s URL in the video and it helps drive traffic to your site without you having to pay for the bandwidth for the streaming videos.

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  1. Video marketing is becoming more complex recently. Basically what you want to do is create a high quality video with valuable content and keep it entertaining so that it will keep your viewers watching and induce them to share it.

    You can hire outsiders to do this for you if you are unsure of your abilities. Search the term ‘where to get a video created’ in any search engine and you will find lots of resources.

    You then want to create an entire YouTube channel surrounding that video. That will give the video more authority and help it rank in the search engines. Make sure you include information in the descriptions of both the YouTube channel and the video about your product or website along with a link that viewers can click.

    There also exist dirty tricks you can use to get more views, likes and shares of your videos, but you have to be VERY careful how you use these or your video will get deleted and banned by YouTube.

    Once your video starts climbing the charts in the search engines, traffic will start flowing from your video to your website.

  2. Actually answered a recent question very similar to this over here. The key point to take away is video marketing while it may be in the early stages four years back is now booming and a key shift with online marketing. You should really refer to this Guardian article:

    I’ll re-post my answer and sources here as well to avoid having to rewrite the whole thing.

    “Basically video marketing is an increasing trend; as more and more people acquire shorter attention span, videos set the perfect opportunity to let them absorb the information they want while still remaining passive and lazy in the process!

    That means as a marketer, you can maximize this by giving consumers what they want and getting better engagement. In all seriousness though, videos are a great way to convey your messages to the audience.

    Video marketing can be done a variety of forms so I can’t really explain it in detail here; I’d recommend you take a quick google search (or yahoo search since you’re on yahoo answers) and find up a wikipedia link that can provide you more ideas.

    Importantly it’s not only the basic knowledge though the application that really matters.

    A common way of video marketing is video sales letters or video SEO. The process includes creating an optimzied video for call to action whether for a click, lead, or sale. There are a variety of tools that are used for creating these kind of videos from testimonial videos to the recent buzz of online animation. You then upload the video and optimize it online for search engine traffic to make better use of your video (you can have a great call to action though if you don’t get the traffic, it wouldn’t help too much). Optimizing video is a completely new topic and how to rank them though it’s much easier in terms of SEO than a typical web page.

    There have been some new tools recently that came out to support these kind of video marketing. I’ll post a link in the source and some other links which may help.”

    Hope it helps 🙂

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